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Vorrei regalare un momento piu prezioso a Lei. S'accomodi mentre ascoltando jazz...

= Regular and extra closing day =

October. 4(Sun), 5(Mon), 11(Sun), 18(Sun), 25(Sun)
[ August. 21(Fri) Re open! ]
= Before entering to the bar, please sanitize your hands with rubbing alcohol we provided at the entrance.
If you’re allergic to rubbing alcohol, please wash your hands after entering.
= When coughing or sneezing, please observe the “cough and sneeze etiquette”.
[ Payment ]
Music Charge ((including 3sets), ¥1000 to ¥2500, per person)
+Table charge (cover charge, ¥500, per person)
+Your Food and Beverages
*You can stay and watch all sets without additional charge.
(One fee for all sets.)
Live music start at 20:00(unless otherwise noted).
We ask that you order at least one drink per customer.
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COMODO bar with jazz

An authentic jazz bar (jazz club) located in Shinsaibashi, central Osaka, Comodo offers high quality jazz performances in a relaxed atmosphere bathed in blue light. We focus on jazz, but offer a broad spectrum of local artists within that genre, from bands to piano solo artists and singers. Enjoy the music performances while sipping our special cocktails and whiskeys served by our bartenders. We do have a music charge, so check prices on schedule.
COMODO bar with jazz
Jazz Club at Osaka Shinsaibashi

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