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Vorrei regalare un momento piu prezioso a Lei. S'accomodi mentre ascoltando jazz...


open: 18:30 - 0:30

last orders (food) : 23:00
closed: Sunday, Holiday, 1st Monday

table charge: ¥500

live (Everyday)
music charge:¥1,000 to ¥2,500
(Including 3sets)

   Solo Duo, Trio or Qualtet (Band) Live
    1st: 20:00p.m. -     1st: 20:00p.m. -
    2nd: 21:00p.m. -     2nd: 21:10p.m. -
    1st: 20:00p.m. -     3rd: 22:20p.m. -

(Set times are subject to change)

Mon - Jazz or Bossa (Solo or Duo) Fri - Jazz Band
Tue - Jazz or Bossa (Solo or Duo) Sat - Jazz Band
Wed - Jazz (Duo or Trio) Sun - Closed
Thu - Jazz or Bossa (Solo or Duo)

*Solo = Sing with a guitar or a piano
[ Payment ]
Music Charge ( like a ticket, ¥1000 to ¥2500)
+Table charge (cover charge, ¥500 Per person)
+Your Food and Beverages
*All the above charges are Inclusive of 8% government tax

We hold the shows on every day.
There are rich variety shows such as the vocals, saxophones, violins, trumpets, and vibraphones.
Please enjoy real jazz by our attractive musicians.


*The set times are subject to change.
*You can stay and watch all sets without additional charge.
(One fee for all sets.)
(The music charge is valid throughout day of issue.)
*Music perfomances start at 20:00 (unless otherwise noted).
*Music perfomances will be ended up at 23:00.
* Minimum one drink per guest is required.


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